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Recent Technologies in Microbiology

A one day conference bringing together the latest techniques applied in microbiology today.

Friday, 5th June 2015
Venue: Room-301 (3rd Floor), School of Bioscience, University of Birmingham

Getting Here

Technologies used in biological research are always being further developed and refined, bringing both new tools for researchers to utilise and new applications for existing technologies. Microbiology in particular is reliant upon technological developments, from humble beginnings with the optical microscope and staining techniques to modern fluorescent, atomic force and electron microscopes and whole genome sequencing. Technological advancement has never been faster than it is currently; there are now more companies employing more staff and making use of more information than there have ever been previously. With the current speed of technological development, it can be difficult for already busy researchers to take the time to learn more about new technology. 

This conference will provide a means for delegates to learn a little about how some of the newer technologies work, and how different approaches can be used in research. Even when people are aware of a technology, they may not realise that it can be applied to their own work - this conference seeks to address this and provide fresh ideas for researchers at all stages of their career. This will be of particular benefit to young researchers thinking about how they can lead their own research, and for those who have been in research for a longer time who have well-established laboratories and only make use of a few approaches.

Conference Schedule:

Registration                                                                                         8:30 am


Conference Opening by Prof. Steve Busby                                                9:25am


Session 1 (Chair: Dr. Nick Loman)


Prof. Geoff Barton (University of Dundee)                                                9:35am


Prof David Jones  (University College London)                                        10:10am


Mr. Joshua Quick (University of Birmingham)                                          10:45am


Tea/Coffee Break                                                                                 11:05am


Session 2 (Chair: Dr. Nick Loman)


Prof. Roy Goodacre (University of Manchester)                                       11:20am


Prof. Steve Matthews (Imperial College London)                                     11:55am


Dr. Vassily Bavro (University of Birmingham)                                          12:30pm


Lunch (Poster Session(Judging) and Trade Exhibition)                             12:50pm


Session 3 (Chair: Prof. Gurdyal Besra)


Dr. Zania Stamataki (University of Birmingham)                                       2:00pm


Dr. Bettina Boettcher (University of Edinburgh)                                        2:35pm


Dr. Robert Shaw (University of Birmingham)                                            3:10pm


Tea/Coffee Break                                                                                   3:30pm


Session 4 (Chair: Prof. Gurdyal Besra)


Dr. Roger Draheim (University of Portsmouth)                                          3:50pm


Dr. Stuart McElroy  (University of Dundee)                                               4:25pm


Dr. Luke Alderwick (University of Birmingham)                                         5:00pm


Conference closing by Prof. Ian Henderson(Prizes)                                   5:20pm


Poster session, wine reception and networking                            5:45pm-7:00pm